Thailand It’s A Must

Bamboo Island

Thailand got stunning beaches, gigantic lush mountains, delicious food, friendly people, rich and diverse culture and party hot-spots, Thailand should definitely be on every traveler’s bucket list! I definitely want to return for longer period this time. So if you ever wondered what is it like to travel the world to country surrounded by stunning islands and rich culture then this article is for you.

Banana Island, Phi Phi Island

Fun Fact about Thailand

Thailand is the only South-East Asian country that has never been colonised.

As we arrived at our hotel very tired, we immediately dropped off our luggage and wandered around down to the ocean to enjoy the sunset, food and check out the Kamala beach. We used Thai car to take us to the beach. Kamala Beach is known for families, a tranquil beach on the west coast of Phuket. Kamala is a beautiful long beach with clear waters even during high season, surrounded by a nice amount of beach restaurants and shopping choices, various tremendous hotels including some with direct waterfront access.

The long stretch of soft white sand that appeared before us was everything we had hoped for. Standing there barefoot in the sand watching the sky turn pink as the sun slowly set on the ocean, we knew that the long hours of traveling to get here had been worth

Thailand is blessed with tropical and warm climate and tremendous islands with stunning beaches.

Kamala Beach

Kamala has two villages, the first one is the original Muslim town in the very back with not much happening around it, and the second one is the touristic part of Kamala built all along the lines of the beach.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on

What to Do in Kamala?

Well, apart from Fantasea Park, modest temple, a local market, and the beach itself, there are no real attractions to visit to. There’s Rayee Beach (หาดรายี) and Hua Beach (หัวบีช) to the south on a tiny long road with no direction or whatsoever. Here’s jackpot for you; there’s area called “The Millionaire Row” a home away from home with plush properties and highly secured and exclusivity. This area is surrounded by of the top notch private villas, exclusive boutiques and more. Try it out and thank me later – lol , yes, I am your plug.

Avadina Hills home by Anantara

Villa Horizon stands out splendidly in a quiet forest landscape overlooking the island’s western coast on Phuket’s named as Millionaires’ Mile. Listen, the way this villa is positioned it gives you an impeccable and spectacular views of the sea, from that view, you will see beautiful beaches of Kamala, Surin, Laemsingh, and Bangtao in Phuket

Kamala Beach

At the end of the day, you can enjoy a drink at the bar, have nice meal freshly prepared by Thai people and meet yummy tourists. Lol

Thai chicken with salad, baked potato, salad, and cocktails.

Important Information about Thailand

Thailand at a Glance: As mentioned you will find greenery mountains, pastures and lush jungle in the north of the country and beautiful islands in the south with crystal clear waters. Chiang Mai is the largest city in the north and is a cultural hub, while Bangkok which is the capital city, is where most international flights will land. A night before flying to South Africa for my winter break – I had a great pleasure of experiencing the night life and incredible cuisine. I love Thailand and I need to return AGAIN 🙂

Kamala Beach, credit Petunia Fiore

Currency in Thailand: Thai Baht | 2020 Conversion Rate: 100 THB = R54,98

China conversion: Thai Baht = ¥22,79

Tipping in Thailand: Unless you’re somewhere fancy, tipping is not expected, well- I was not shocked because even in China is not really expected. However, it is common to leave loose change at a restaurant, and the gesture will highly be appreciated.

Common Language & Helpful Phrases: in Thai world

  • Hello = sa-wat-dee ka (female) | sa-wat-dee kap (male)
  • Thank you = kop-koon ka (female) | kop-koon kap (male)
  • Not spicy = mai pet | little bit spicy = pet noi | very spicy = pet mak
  • Beer = bia
  • Delicious = a-roy
  • Bathroom = hong-num
  • How much? = nee gee baht?
  • Too expensive = feng-mak-pie
  • Don’t want = mai ow
Phi Phi & Bamboo Island (many awesome Islands)

Where to stay in Phuket?

We stayed at two hotels, the first one was called Grand Bleu Ocean, Kamala Beach which looked amazing on the website but crappie in real life

Inside out hotel, there was no headboard, no curtain or even basic headboard.
It looked like in reality and was very disappointed
Source: (don’t be fooled by the pictures) Grand Bleu Ocean View Pool (There’s no infinite pools, lies)

The hotel looked nothing like advertised pictures on the net, I remember shortly after I arrived there’s a beautiful Asian lady at the reception desk from Singapore complaining about the hotel, facilities, breakfast, and the lies that they feed people on the internet. At that time I had already paid for ฿3000 which is roughly $ 100 in Rands that’s like R1450 receipt
I had booked for my travel buddy because she arrived before me.

Trust me, my first impressions were not good at all, I wanted to leave immediately and demand a refund but I was tired and I needed to rest and refresh, meet the girls and freshen up a little.

Finally, we checked out on the 22nd of January 2020, and headed straight to Phi Phi Island, we hopped on the ferry boat for two hours to the island catching fresh breeze

That’s when the real party began.

Our Ferry Boat from Phuket to Phi Phi Island
Checking out of Grand Ble Ocean
Some delicious Thai snacks that I had bought at the garage briefly after my driver had picked me from Phuket International Airport.

Ferry Boat Shots


At Pudong International Airport my Victoria Secret spray was confiscated 😦

I love Victoria’s Secret fragrances, they are so fresh and lasting. They are perfect for traveling too. Just take under 100ml if you are planning to take it with you on your vacation.
I took this picture at Victoria Secret store in Suzhou City, China |苏州中心商场

Luckily, I had hidden the rest of my perfumes in my other checked-in luggage. So I had placed Victoria Secret Body lotion and Body mist 250ml in the other mini luggage that was with me. Sometimes, there can be a lot of complications and fallacies when it comes to liquids in luggage.

While I was packing my bags in China

It’s crucial to understand precisely what is authorized into baggage and just how much can be the difference between a smooth ride through security and having to depart with your expensive toiletries just like how I departed with my Victoria Secret.

Side Note: Every airport has its own rules when it comes to liquids in luggage. Some airlines are heavily regulated while others have their own particular protocols about what it will and will not allow on flights. You should check these beforehand.

My favourite traveling products

How much liquid is allowed in hand luggage?

Travellers are only allowed to bring small quantities of liquids in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml each.

3 – (3 ounces, or in this case, 100 millilitres)

1 – (one plastic bag with a capacity of 1 litre)

1 – (one bag per passenger)

The rest of the pictures

I think this shot

Shortly after I landed at Phuket International Airport, foreigners registered their arrival then I went to get my luggage and did a small shopping fragrance since my Victoria Secret Fragrance set was confiscated at Pudong International Airport

Aerial view of the shops at the airport
I wish to be the face of a luxury perfume brand one day, so I recreated Giorgio Armani poster… I think I look pretty good, don’t you think? Lol
At my hotel room, just before I head out for the daily activities. I love smelling fresh and I am super obsessed with Colognes so I spoiled myself at the airport with this fragrance. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia is a blend of refreshing notes of crushed mint leaves and lemon Limone Primo Fiore Femminello from Calabria. Structure of the composition pushes the limits from fresh citruses to a floral heart which encompasses aquatic jasmine, dewy peony and pink pepper, while a base closes with cedar, yellow sugar and labdanum. Quoted from WOOLWORTH Retail Store

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Designed by Petunia Fiorë, yes that’s me honey.


An exotic and adventurous scent by Giorgio Armani. On his websites he described Acqua di Gioia as follows

“Acqua di Gioia represents the joy of the Mediterranean Sea. This refreshing aquatic fragrance opens with a beautiful blend of jasmine and zesty lemon, warmed with woody cedar at the base. Inspired by Italy’s Mediterranean coast, this Giorgio Armani perfume for women is a singular blend of serenity and exhilaration. Opening up with the playful notes of citrus, the aquatic fragrance reveals a heart of intoxicating jasmine and lingers with the warmth of cedarwood” from Giorgio Armani beauty


  1. You are so beautiful and sexy… I pray situation gets better this year… a lot of travelers got affectedly badly and travel business lost millions.

    Lastly, Solo trips are the best… minus drama and unreliable people… I am looking forward to read more of your blogs 😍 😍 😘 😘

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