Thailand It’s A Must

Arriving in PHI PHI Island
The Phi Phi Islands are like the luxurious wedding in Paris with white and red petals everywhere, it’s dreamy and breathtaking. Just visualize white sand beaches, lush tropical mountains specked with palm trees and crystal clear blue water as far as the eye can see. These treasures of the great Phuket and PHI and PHI Islands with its incredible weather have allured celebrities and tourists from all corners of the universe. Your trip to these Islands is a guaranteed to be memorable, bonus would be be booking yourself into one of the various luxury hotels that is within the coast, now that can make it absolutely unforgettable. 

View from my hotel room
P.P Palmtree Resort

P.P. Palmtree Resort is famous for its evident and tranquil atmosphere. It is singled out in the centre of the island. If you are yearning for tranquility, class, and luxury then you should consider P.P. Palmtree Resort, the shortcomings of this hotel is that they don’t allow visitors from outside which sucks- imagine if you met someone and you want to invite them for late dinner and late pool session with some cocktails at the bar, then your dreams are crushed – right there and then. I was personally upset by this unnecessary policy, my guests were chased away, the hotel demanded at least ฿500 for each individual to pay and I had 3 guests from Switzerland. To bring someone from outside you will be charged ฿2000 penalty as punishment from the police department if you bring the guest from outside. That’s horrendous I know, so way your option and make your research first before paying any hotel, make sure you choose a hotel that allows guests from outside the hotel – you can check out this blog too for guidance

Luxury hotels in Thhailand Phi Phi Islands/
View from my hotel room, P.P Palmtree Resort, 2020

This resort features the modern Thai-style in their rooms with an outdoor pool centres around luxurious hotel rooms. Oh and the hotel offers the most delicious daily buffet breakfast.

My breakfast, I was looking forward to the morning just for breakfast.
Outdoor breakfast with pool view, so peaceful with their mini fountain

PP Palmtree Resort will definitely be your best choice of hotel. Pool access rooms are the most outstanding feature about this hotel, you can see the swimming pool with a poolside bar located at the centre of the resort from your window, now that’s awesome.

Poolside Bar, I took this picture at night from my balcony.
“We books our hotel through

The rest of the visuals from Thailand trip.

So as as a young travel planner, I ticked off a big bucket list partying until sunrise at the Full Moon Party in Phi Phi Island- it was wild guys ~ 😂. Despite the unforeseen circumstances in this vacation, it remains one of the most vibrant, fulfilling, memorable and beautiful trip that I have ever taken in my life. Thailand got so much to offer travelers in this beautiful and bustling country.


  1. You are so beautiful and sexy… I pray situation gets better this year… a lot of travelers got affectedly badly and travel business lost millions.

    Lastly, Solo trips are the best… minus drama and unreliable people… I am looking forward to read more of your blogs 😍 😍 😘 😘

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