10 featured expats in China : Travel and Fashion

Living abroad comes with many fun, funny, thrilling and tough challenges, but with supporting structure from the expat community, it gets easier and comforting. Living in a new country has broadened my perception of life. I have been lucky enough to meet people from all corners of the globe.

I recently got in touch with 10 amazing expats in China whom I interviewed and they gave us a gist about their travel experience and served us some travel fashion outfits. I hope you do enjoy

Bongi from South Africa

South African Queen

What is your name and tell us about yourself?

My name is Bongiwe Mkhize, from Durban, South Africa. I am an outgoing, loud and fun babe that is always looking forward to meeting new people and exploring new things hence my passion for traveling is intense.

What are your top 5 favorite destinations that you travelled to which you can recommend and why?

My top favorite destinations must be Zanzibar the beautiful scenic land is what draws you in but the culture and people that make you want to stay. There is so much to explore here from the deep rooted history discovered in prison island to connecting with the earth in their spice farms and not to forget their sandy beaches and beautiful sea this is my top recommend since you can do so many things but keep wanting to do more. Sanya is second on my list, a city on the southern end of China’s Hainan Island, which has several bays with large beach resorts. this is a hidden gem in China with breathtaking beauty from amazing architecture to stunning shores.

Everyone is friendly and you get to experience great services; there are plenty of activities to indulge in so you never feel bored and if you are a water lover then you will be right at home even if you are just planning to lounge around on your holiday the tranquility will make you never want to leave.

Third, will have to be Cape Town, a scenic and mesmerizing place known for it’s beautiful mountains but that is not all it has to offer while there I traveled to many historically inclined places that are deep in knowledge, being a South African citizen myself I got to learn more about my past and that was very special while also getting to savor the breath taking beauty of our land, *Shanghai,China is also a recommend, a city that doesn’t sleep! well here I got to find a diverse community of people from different cultures and backgrounds gathered together to have fun. The night time life is popping and also being the largest city in China you can find plenty of activities to do.

Last but not least is Durban, South Africa as they say home is where the heart is so this definitely makes my top 5 list of favorite destinations because of its warm climate and diversity. Good food, wonderful people and most of all the nature and wildlife are something that is to be seen.

What best describes your personality when it comes to traveling?

I am definitely an adventurous traveler, I love to soak in all the beauty and fun that the place I am traveling to has to offer. I love to sightsee and learn more about where I am. When it comes to activities and adventure you can be sure I will be there. Plus I am a super outgoing and bubbly person so meeting new people, having new experiences and memories that would last me a life time is always my goal when I visit a new place.

What are your travel essentials that you can not survive without and why?

I can not travel without my makeup and my phone, call me crazy but I am a girly girl and I want to make sure where every I go I slay. I love creating looks for different occasions and when I travel I have more room to play around and of course take as many stunning pictures as possible.

What is on your travel wishlist for 2021? How do you intent making the best of it?

My travel wishlist for 2021 is to take my mom to Paris it’s something we’ve always spoke about and making that happen for her would be a dream come true, and of course I would love to see what the city of love would have to offer me, who knows I might find a husband too. That is not all though I am also planning go to Beijing, Thailand and whatever other place that presents its self and I intend to have the best time by exploring and making more beautiful memories.

What are your social social platforms? How do we keep in touch with you?

On INSTAGRAM @bee_mkhizeh



Bee Mkhizeh

Full video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHDG-NFtrwGH7EUTzMBzopg


– Jack Kerouac

United States of American Queen

What is your name and where do you come from?

Hello everyone, my name is Rochelle and I originally come from United States of America in Chicago.

Rochelle is a model, dj and so more , she is currently living in China, Shanghai.

What are your favorite travel essentials on your vacations and why?

Oh this was a hard one, if I had too choose. Number would be my 10-step skin care routine which takes up most space in my suitcase depending on how many days I’m traveling.

• My Macbook can’t go anywhere without updating my blog and YouTube channel which I will later update towards the end of this article.

• And last but not least my own thermal cup and mug- I don’t like drinking out of hotel mugs and forth. If I have a long flight or a delay I order my drink and hot water from Starbucks so I use my own mug. I am low key a germaphobic, so I only drink out of straws or my personal starbucks cups.

What is your holiday wishlist for 2021 and what are you you looking forward to the most?

I don’t really have a holiday wish list- I simply remain happy, humble and blessed. As for 2021 I do plan on leaving China to study in Japanese University to finish my Masters in Criminal Psychology/Child Psychology until I reach my PhD level and hopefully open my own practice in Asia and Chicago. Ultimately, I am looking forward to?travel within Japan exclusively in 2021.

Cruising and enjoying life

What style best describes your personality and what type of vacations you are into?

Styles that best describe me…. hmmm I don’t really have one style – it changes or depends on seasons and what current designers are dishing out on the runway as I am a professional model. However, my style changes based on how I feel. My fashion style that would best describe my personality is dependent on which type of vacation that I will be taking which will benefit me as a blogger and fashion model. I love indulging in beautiful sceneries that are great for my photo shoots and I love food -Oh I am a foodie and vegetarian so I’m currently working in my ebook “Vegetarian for Beginners” which should be available for purchase in April 2021.

Where is your next vacation, why yo chose it?

As far as everything goes I don’t have a next vacation but if I could choose, I would go and visit my friend In Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

I would love to visit Malaysia- I heard is peaceful there and your soul is at ease in the country. You can open up more as a person there spiritually.

What are your social platforms?

I only have 2 social media platforms , follow me on Twitter, Instagram and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Twitter/Instagram: @Queenaa_Official

Subscribe right https://youtu.be/1aX3mU9eT6I


Nigerian King, Derek

What is name and where do you come from?

My name is Derek Buchi and I hail all the way from Nigeria , I am currently an expat in China.

What are your favorite travel essentials on your vacations and why?

• My Camera (I don’t go anywhere without my camera!😃Cause I have to take photos of course else then my trip wasn’t successful and that will leave me unhappy!

• Sunglasses (you might think it is for the sun but no lol- whenever I travel especially to a place I’ve never been before I like feeling invisible at least for a while until I get comfortable and ready to associate.

Sunnies are a must

• Water bottle : I don’t joke with my water, I drink at least 1 litter per day, if 2 minutes passes without at least a glass of water I will die.. LITERALLY 😀

Drink your water guys, it’s crucial – stay hydrated!!!

• Travel pillow to avoid any unnecessary pains, laptop because I have to work as I travel around on my videos and photos as Youtuber and socialite.

What is your holiday wishlist for 2021 and what are you looking forward to the most?


I want to book a lot of photoshoots, fashions shows and create a lot of catchy content for my YouTube channel and travel to some interesting cities within China, take some breath-taking pictures, have fun and just be HAPPY 😃

Fashion blogger and stylist in China

What style best describes your personality and what type of vacations you are into?

Cooperate and Glamour!

Honestly I don’t have any specifics as long as I’m able to take beautiful pictures and great contents then I am good!… however, recently I have been craving Beach chills and Boat Cruise

Cruise vibes are loading for 2021

Where is your next vacation?

Uh my last vacation was October holiday and I went to Shanghai which is my favorite city in China 😍 bustling city with many nationalities

Sipping Coffee

How to stay in touch with you ?

On Instagram






Derek Buchi



South African King

What is your name and where do you come from?

My name is Mias van Leeuwen, originally from Pretoria in South Africa currently stay in China.

What are you favorite travel essentials in your vacations and why?

My cameras because I love photography and want to capture every moment, my hats and definitely my sunglasses because I just never go anywhere without a hat and especially on holiday.

What is your holiday wishlist for 2021? What are you looking forward to the most?

On my wishlist, I want to go to Wales and explore the United Kingdom but mostly I am really looking forward to it as I’ve never been. I wish to travel back to SA and do a roadtrip across the country.

What best describes your personality and what type of vacations you are into?

Warm tropical vibes is my style of holiday as I just love the ocean so you can say I’m a beach bum, lol. So a typical holiday will include scuba diving and beers on the beach.

Beach bae

Where is your next vacation and how do people keep in touch with you?

My next vacation will probably be the United Kingdom, Netherlands or I will probably go back to South Africa for a relaxing holiday with my family and friends but I might end up in the Philippines or somewhere warm in South East Asia too as I love it and there is so much to see.

Keep in touch

Let’s stay connected on my instagram travel account.




Ghanaian King

What is your name and where do you come from? A bit about Kofi.

I’m kofi Boateng born and raised in Kumasi a city in Ghana. From a family of 6,I’m second born of my four siblings I’m 34 years of age.Been living in overseas for the past 6 years lived in Germany then later moved to China. I like reading all kinds of books, gym is part of my lifestyle. I’m a reserved person. I can say I’m introvert depending on the environment but to some people I’m an extrovert. I’m an energy feeder. I’m a consistent and practical person.

What are your favorite travel essentials on your vacations and why?

Phone, my camera, sunscreen and neck pillow

What is your holiday wishlist for 2021? And what are you looking forward to the most?

My holiday wishlist for 2021 is to add more destinations to my list of countries : Bali, Maldives , Thailand again , and Taiwan. I am looking forward to explore more historical places and learn different lifestyles and culture.

What best describes your personality and what type of vacations you are into?

I am consistent, practical, lay back kind of person. Simple but eloquent more into street fashion I believe fashion represents you or speak for you. my definition of is wearing 10 dollar outfit making look like 100 dollars. My type of vacation is a trip to beach and visiting historical places.

Laid back and eloquent

Where is your next vacation, why you chose it and what are your social platforms

My next vacation; I will say Thailand 🇹🇭 Phuket, I had a great experience there both tourist places and nightlife. I fell in love with Japan, Osaka because I had a chance to actually visit universal studios.



Morocco lad

What is your name and tell us about yourself and what you do in China?

I am Hamza from Morocco. As I managed to learn Japanese and I am now learning Chinese, thanks to my curiosity about Asian culture , travel, and anti-stagnation. I came here to China as an English teaching and web design freelancer.

I enjoy playing musical instruments, planning for projects, socializing, painting, traveling, and the list goes on in my free time.

What are your top 5 favorite destinations that you travelled to which you can recommend and why?

Traveling in morocco was always a pleasure for me. I worked with a Japanese agency both in the office and outside, which was great. So, I got to know a lot about the travel industry in general, and in Morocco in particular. Other than that, I had travelled to China for my vacation prior, deciding to come back to settle here.

My favorite destinations in morocco are: Chefchaouen, Merzouga, Essaouira, Tangier and Asilah. However, for China, I like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, Hunan, and so on…

What best describes your personality when it comes to traveling? Are you adventurous? Solo traveler or luxury traveler?

I can be curious about anything and traveling always makes me feed my curiosity. I travel most of the time alone, cause my plans often change. I can’t just stick with the plans and visit other places, however, it depend on people’s recommendations. I am super adventurous as I always prefer going hiking than sitting downtown drinking coffee—nothing against coffee or sitting. If you invited me for rock climbing or coffee, I would still choose rock climbing over the coffee no matter how beaten up I am.

What are your travel essentials that you can not survive without and why?

My travel essentials are definitely my camera, backpacker and laptop.

What is on your travel wishlist for 2021? How do you intent on making the best of it?

I don’t have a list for 2021 because I am not too eager to travel outside of China at the moment, however, if the situation gets better, I would love to visit Japan, Macao, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

What are your social platforms? Let’s keep in touch.

I currently use WeChat alone and Hello talk for sharing some moments about my travels, but here is my website

Welcome to leave your email so you could get notified when I open the website

Brazilian Goddess

What is your name and where do you come from?

My name is Tárfiny. I’m from Brazil

Portuguese (meu nome é Tárfiny. Sou do Brasil)

What is your holiday wishlist for 2021 and what are you looking forward to the most?

I would like to get to know Bali and the Philippines, I hope that 2021 will pass all this virus crisis, that everything will be normalized so that people can travel again smoothly

Portuguese: Gostaria de conhever Bali e Filipinas, espero que 2021 passe toda essa crise de vírus, que tudo se normalize para que as pessoas possam voltar a viajar tranquilamente.

Exotic beach taken in Thailand
Beach bae on sand

What are your favorite travel essentials on your vacations and why?

Sunglasses, my phone and sunscreen

I love to visit paradisiacal and historical places
(amo conhecer lugares paradisíacos e históricos)

Soaking in sun, swimwear day
Shorts and sneakers type of day in China

What style best describes your personality and what type of vacations you are into?

I am a Gemini so I love to wear sneakers and shorts, but it all depends on my mood on the day, how I wake up and how I am feeling on the day.

Portuguese : eu sou muito geminiana, amo usar tênis e short, mas tudo depende do meu humor no dia, de como eu acordo e como estou me sentindo no dia.

Where is your next vacation, why you chose it?

I would like to visit Thailand, I think it is one of the most beautiful natural and exotic places in the world. I chose this destination because of my friends.

What are your social platforms?

Portuguese : Eu gostaria de visitar a Tailândia, acho que é um dos lugares naturais e exóticos mais bonitos do mundo. Escolhi este destino por causa dos meus amigos.

The social network I use mostly for advertising and networking is Instagram. it is a good platform.

Portuguese : A rede social que uso principalmente para publicidade e networking é o Instagram. é uma boa plataforma.



TÁRFINY from Brazil dancing in Shanghai, China studios .

South African queen

What is your name and where do you come from?

Theodorah Tisa Ntlawini from South Africa, Limpopo

What are your favorite travel essentials on your vacations and why?

Body lotion, sunscreen, hair oil and hair butter because some countries have different skincare and hair products and I don’t like wasting money on buying toiletries while on the trip, just remember to not pack over 100ml because it will get confiscated at the airport.

What is your holiday wishlist for 2021 and what are you looking forward to the most?

In 2021 I crave to be in Europe, maybe Italy, or travel to see friends in Norway, Brazil or Uganda. I miss home too so maybe a road trip across South Africa with a friend.

What style best describes your personality and travel adventure?

I like to be comfortable when traveling, then there are those outfits for dinner and going out but most importantly comfortable and somewhat fashionable, so flowy tops, dresses, shorts, sneakers and sandals. I like bright colours that bring out my skin and ‘Africanness’.


Where is your next vacation, why you chose it?

I have not yet decided what my next destination will be, it would have been a road trip in South Africa, because I miss seeing nature and being home, but due to COVID19 things might change. I’ll hold off traveling from now and just keep my trips to the country I’m in now which is China.

What are your social platforms?





China/Hong Kong Prince

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Hi! My name is Ryan and I was born in Hong Kong, but I grew up in between Shanghai, China and Hong Kong then later on the United States of America

What are you favorite travel essentials on your vacations and why?

For me I need to bring my camera for sure. I do photography and videography work professionally but of course it comes from a passion. I enjoy doing it for fun as well as for myself. Whenever I travel there are always moments and sights I want to capture to remember.

What is your holiday wishlist for 2021 and what are you looking forward to the most?

Hopefully if the pandemic gets resolved, I will be able to visit the United States. I miss my friends and there are a lot of sights that I never got the chance to see, for example I haven’t been to the west coast and south in a long time.

Outside of the US, of course I hope to visit my hometown of Hong Kong. It would be nice to visit family, find new opportunities, and I can always do exciting street photography over there. I also hope to visit certain cities/countries in South East Asia. For more tropical weather and adventure type of vibes. I like to do physical activities like hiking or sports so I think theres a lot of opportunities for that over there.

What style best describes your personality and what type of vacations you are into?

I would say overall I am reserved and I am dedicated to my craft, but I also enjoy having a life outside of my craft, like to have fun and goof off at times. I like to be open minded and approachable. The vacations I am most into are the ones with people I enjoy the company of. It is definitely about the place and the time I spend with my friends/family where I feel like my memories are really made.

Where is your next vacation, why you chose it?

No idea. I am really focused on my work right now but I know that I will be traveling to Hong Kong as soon as borders open up. Not entirely for a vacation but I will enjoy it for sure. Visiting family, enjoying food, reconnecting with friends, and I enjoy my work so hopefully some work opportunities too.

But I’ve also been occasionally stressed from work so maybe somewhere where I can just unplug for a week that would be good too.

What are you social platforms?

Social media as

“Ryan Putranto”







Ryan Putranto magical editing and videography


Zimbabwean Lad

What is your name and where do you come from?

My name is Patricia Gamuchirai Huni from Zimbabwe, I am currently based in China.

What are you favorite travel essentials and what is the craziest thing that you ever done on your vacation?

Travel essentials; I‘d definitely pick socks, vaseline, water bottle, charger, small blanket and toiletries.

First trip to Lake Kariba without family was the craziest thing; I scared people off as a ghost during the night camp. LOL

What are your favorite top 5 destinations that you ever travelled to or you would love to visit?

Top 5 destinations that I travelled to and would love to try out is Imere Game Park, Lake Kariba, Ganzhou Wooden Foot Bridge, Tianzi Mountain, Sydney Opera House and Giant Pandas in Chengdu… these aren’t necessarily in different countries but basically around China.

What is your wildest fantasy vacation and who would you bring?

Wildest fantasy vacation is to go to any Carribbean Beaches and Bob Marley Museum. I’m a big fan of Reggae and Rastafarian lifestyle so I would probably bring along all my Lb-girlfriends.

When is your next vacation and why you chose it?

Next vacation is to the Great Wall of China.Inspired by the movie could fantasize every move on the movie over the building structure.

In short describe your personality and your favorite adventures

I’m a simple social person,outgoing and eager to learn new things. Favourite adventure should include game park with animals and a beautiful
scenery.I love nature, sports, I actually play basketball although I do enjoy watching soccer more. I do have that crazy side I am party person, dancing is part of my exercise routine “party animal” to be precise. Every time I wake up I look forward to a better future. At times I prefer to be alone – I could be listening to music or better yet dancing to great music. When I am surrounded by nature I feel tranquility and comfort. I am drawn towards helping people as selfless human being.

Natucate| Nature and adventure wild travel

What are your social platforms

Simply search for Patricia Gamuchirai Huni

Thank you for reading this blog



  1. Oh My God😍 😍 😍 what an amazing structure of blog… I thoroughly enjoyed the blog… please write more travel blogs, I would like to know more about China and South African biggest attractions… I wanna know about about Sanya too. Sandton, Cape Town, Shanghai 😍 😍 😍 please tell us more

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